Acclimated Sounds DJ / KJ / VJ Service

Acclimated Sounds DJ / KJ / VJ Service
Location: Grand Blanc, MI
Owner: Lane O’Neill
Primary Phone: (810) 953-0598
Secondary Phone: (810) 610-3169
Mobile Phone: (810) 610-3169


Regardless of what type of special event you are having, whether a wedding, prom, or a themed corporate event, Acclimated Sounds DJ / KJ / VJ Service has the experience, equipment, and music to make your special event a raging success!

We can provide incredible sound quality for parties from 50 to 1500 people. We are able to provide clean cocktail and dinner music at volume levels pleasing to all, yet provide chest-thumping bass for that coveted night club style atmosphere.

Acclimated Sounds uses only audiophile, studio, or high-end professional equipment.

I’m somewhat of an audiophile and have a dedicated music listening studio in my home. The sound quality is phenomenal with spatial characteristics (sound stage), transparency (rarely heard clearness) and detail. You hear the music, not the equipment! Friends tell me they hear things in their favorite songs more clearly than ever. The sound quality is almost addicting and it’s easy to spend hours upon hours listening to music!

How does this affect you? Well, since my love and passion for music is partly responsible for what has driven me to devoting most of my life to music, I also strive to provide the absolute best in sound quality in my mobile sound system as well.

I would never recommend hiring a DJ on equipment alone. You wouldn’t hire a photographer just because s/he has a lot of big lenses would you? However, you might consider what a photographer can do, when s/he does have all the bells and whistles at their disposal!

Acclimated Sounds also has a complete back up system, including amplifiers, computers, speakers, etc. at every event. Our sound and lighting system is so extensive, you could say that even our backup system has a backup system! In fact, I equate my mobile system to a “Traveling night club on Wheels”. The show must (and always does) go on!

Your Acclimated Sounds DJ will arrive at your banquet facility between one and three hours prior to your event, to start setting up the sound system & dance floor lighting equipment. A sound check is made early, before your guests arrive. The volume levels are adjusted for both pleasing cocktail and dinner music volume levels, as well as night club high energy dancing. The light show is also “tweaked” to optimum performance for the perfect high energy dance floor.

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