Musical Geeks

Musical Geeks
Location: St Louis, MO
Owner: Chris Romer
Primary Phone: (314) 814-1337
Mobile Phone: (314) 814-1337
Other Operating States: IL,


Have you ever described to someone exactly what you want, maybe a haircut for example, only to end up with exactly what that person does for everybody else? When did professionalism come to mean a lack of choice?

Now take a moment and consider special events that you’ve been to. Was the music that different at each of these events? This may not be important to you if you don’t care about music. What if you do care?

Musical Geeks takes a different approach to DJ services. We want you to enjoy your gathering, so we work closely with you to ensure we play the music that expresses who you are. We do not have a “standard playlist”. Each and every event gets a custom playlist.

Great music would be pointless without a system to do it justice. Our equipment, which includes the extraordinary Bose L1 system, delivers great sound while complimenting rather than overpowering your event’s decoration. Would you rather GO BIG? Our JBL PRX speakers produce massive amounts of clean sound while maintaining the aesthetics of an upscale event.

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