Unforgettable DJ’s

Unforgettable DJ’s
Location: Wall, NJ
Owner: Chris Garrow
Email: cgarrow@unforgettabledjs.com
Primary Phone: (800) 620-5013
Other Operating States: PA, NY

Website: http://www.unforgettabledjs.com

We are so glad to get back in the swing of things with regards to our website. As you may know or find out, UnforgettableDJs.com is a very elaborate site for a small business and keeping it up to date has been our biggest challenge yet. At last, we are back to our forward movement and are in the process of developing some new content and updating our site to reflect the ever changing trends and technology of our industry. Before I tell you about some of our exciting news for 2009, please allow me to tell you about some of the wonderful happenings prior to this new year.

While on the topic of our website… we never got to announce the award our design team won for their hard work on UnforgettableDJs.com. Splendor Design Group won a gold and silver award from the W3C (Wold Wide Web Consortium), a leading organization for the development and standardization of the World Wide Web. Unforgettable DJ’s is proud to have been recognized along side other powerful sites such as Apple Computer, HBO’s Sopranos, SONY Pictures, to name a few.

Over the past year, we have begun offering some new services, including ambient up-lighting, custom monogram gobos, live musicians for cocktail hours and ceremonies, and a new unannounced service sure to be a hit at any event! We have expanded our Ballroom Dance program with new facilities for the convenience of our clientele and we are working with our dance studios to develop a unique presentation/lesson option for clients looking for something exciting and different for their event!

Out with the old and in with the new… Two very exciting happening with Unforgettable DJ’s! We have moved our business from the cozy house in Wall to a beautiful professional building in Sea Girt. Once our phone system is transfered and the furniture is delivered we will officially announce the new location! Second, we have decided to terminate our podcast, Wedding 101. We were among the first to produce an mp3 wedding show for download, but the time required to continue such a project was significantly impacting the service we provide to our clients, and that is unacceptable. We will be removing the podcast page from our site in due time, but we will replace it with a fresh yet similar project that I have been working on (a much less time consuming project). I have been invited to be a featured blogger on an upcoming wedding site, WeddingAces.com. Even more so than the podcast, this blog and the whole site will be an excellent source for couples to get ideas for their wedding. Furthermore, it allows for more communication, comments, and sharing than the podcast does. Please visit WeddingAces.com and join in some of the many discussions!

Last year, Unforgettable DJ’s celebrated it’s fifth year in business! We thank everyone for your continued love and support. We could never do it without our valued clients, wonderful friends and family! Thank you.

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