1 Awesome Image Photography

1 Awesome Image Photography

Jim Baker

2327 East Boulder Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

(719) 219-6719

Thank you for your kind visit to our creative photography entry. I could mention all of the benefits of selecting us to memorialize your wedding, and I will. However what is most important about your wedding day is you. Truly it is all about you and your desires. Would you want breathtaking images of the two of you with magnificent mountains bowing down to honor you in the background – it is yours.

Do you envision the joy and carefree fun and happiness of you and those surrounding you…that is yours. How about the times when words and smiles cannot control the warm trickle of a tear – it has to be yours.

Yes, we have over 25 years experience in one photographer alone, and yes we use the finest equipment, and yes we are professional award winning photographers and photography instructors, and yes you can have high quality portraiture, exciting photojournalism, phenomenal environmental images, absolutely stunning group portraits as well as the crazy fun and frolicking of loved ones; but most especially the day is about you. Not only must you have it your way, but your way and beyond. Please pamper yourself with us as your dream catchers, makers and preservers.

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