Desert Light Weddings

Desert Light Weddings

Robbie McCoy

4050 W. Ray Road #17-150
Chandler, AZ 85226

(480) 235-0325

There are planners who do weddings and then there are WEDDING PLANNERS! At Desert Light Weddings, we don’t just work out details and get things organized. Anyone could do that.

We are absolutely absorbed with the idea of taking YOUR vision, and bringing it to fruition. That requires the intuition, experience, and foresight only someone passionate about weddings can bring to the table. If you know what you want. We make it happen exactly as you envision it. If you need assistance honing your vision for your day, we can guide you with ideas we know will work. If you have no earthly idea where to begin, we can be suggestive and take you by the hand. No wedding or budget is too small. We LOVE intimate events. Please contact us for your free initial consultation

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