Person-able Catering

Person-able Catering

Jenn Person

420 South Coteau
Pierre, SD 57501

(605) 280-0046

I started “cooking” at my grandmother’s knee, filling jelly cups and buttering toast. I served my first customer at the age of 7. She taught me respect for the product and gave me the passion for cooking. My father taught me to take risks and how to know when to take them. He also taught me about flavor profiles and how to have fun with food.

As I have gotten older and the world has become more educated regarding healthy eating, I have dedicating myself to finding ways to deliver the flavors we are all familiar with, without all of the fat, salt and calories. Being diabetic during my third pregnancy, I learned about food exchanges and how to eat well while keeping my numbers in line. I have also done extensive research on gluten-free cooking and baking.

The cornerstone philosophy for my business is this: Regardless of your medical conditions, you should be able to enjoy your food the same way those who don’t have restrictions do. I can also help with themes and decor to make your event one that will be rememberd by your guests. Whether you are planning a large event or just want to impress that special someone with a fabulous meal, call or email Person-able Catering.

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