A Stranger in the Midst Productions

A Stranger in the Midst Productions

Courtney & Robert

Murfreesboro, TN 37130

(615) 653-5995

We aren’t your typical videographers. When we’re on the scene, we consider ourselves part of the crowd, like A Stranger in the Midst. This approach allows us to capture once in lifetime moments in a way that you could only see and experience if you had actually been there. Using a small -but powerful- camera, we’re able to stay out of the way of the events unfolding, and document life as it happens: unposed, unscripted, raw and real; beautiful moments captured in their entirety.

After exploring the wonderful world of weddings we have found two extremes in the video footage that most people get to cherish for the rest of their lives. The first is that ridged dark video, done by a sweet family friend who couldn’t help but cry, sing, or add commentary in the background. The other is the impersonal videographer who gets the bulk of the event, but totally misses the small moments that matter most. We find ourselves somewhere in between those two extremes. With us you get professionalism but most of all you get personality. “We’re like your crazy uncle – only better!”

– Courtney & Robert
A Stranger in the Midst

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