Advanced SkinCare Day Spa and Laser Center

Advanced SkinCare Day Spa and Laser Center

Joey Pearl

10 West 55th Street, 1st Floor At 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

(212) 758-8867

Luxurious as the Spa Experience may be, Advanced SkinCare Day Spa and Laser Center is about much more than pampering. We create personalized skin and body care programs that will substantially improve your appearance skin texture and feeling of well being. Because you deserve the best, our products are the finest quality, combining science and nature. They are natural, herbal and aroma -therapy based. We are also committed to advise you in the latest and most advanced of skin and body care.

For skin tightening, Titan is one of the latest and most notable advances in non -surgical skin rejuvenation treatments for face and all body parts that have no down -time whatsoever.

Photo Facial is a procedure in which we use sophisticated light energy to improve uneven skin tones. Not a cream and not surgery, this is an effective procedure that requires no downtime whatsoever.

Laser Genesis treatment uses a cosmetic laser to visibly improve the actual texture of your skin, without any pain or down- time.

Vascular offers the solution to a wide range of aesthetic vascular conditions, including facial telangectasias, spider veins and reticular veins. Using our state of the art laser therapies, this treatment can eliminate discrete vascular areas safely, quickly, and with no down time.

Hair removal offers permanent hair reduction, with the CoolGlide advantage of a virtually painless procedure.

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