Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom

Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom

Jessie Robinson

918 SW Yamhill, 2nd Floor
Portland, OR 97205

(503) 227-6285

Our historic Victorian ballroom provides the perfect setting for weddings, receptions and events. It is fully decorated, featuring restored hardwood floors, a suspended, U- shaped balcony, a 55′ long stage backed by a high, cathedral style wall, original ornate chandeliers and a 35′ high vaulted ceiling.

Built in 1901, this storybook setting with distinctive architecture has been recently refurbished. Large gold framed mirrors, elegant artwork, antique foyer furniture, statuary, speciality lighting and decorative floral further enhance this unique setting. Elaborate Old World designs along the sculpted balcony are highlighted by white lights and tulle. Fully inclusive packages with food and beverage options are provided.

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