The Dj Edge

The Dj Edge
Location: Sacramento, CA
Owner: Brett Fox
Primary Phone: (916) 501-4497
Fax: (916) 525-3911
Other Operating States: NV,


We aim to please. The customer has to be #1 in order to achieve success. Nothing great is accomplished without sacrifice! To keep on top of one of the fastest changing industries in the world requires time. To find and create seasoned DJ’s takes time. To research the latest and greatest equipment that will make the event that much better takes time. When the time to serve is here, the time to prepare has passed! Aren’t you glad your DJ took the time? Even when the event is over our job continues. It is important to us to know how we did…if we did well or if there was room for improvement, we want to know. We strive for perfection and the pursuit of excellence is our first and ongoing goal.

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