Terrace Catering

Terrace Catering

Pamela Sanders

19907 Pepper Tree Rd
Edgerton, KS 66030

(913) 526-6397

We are a mother and daughter team that love to cook. We offer gourmet catering at affordable rates and highly personalized service. The success of our business depends on giving you superior service.

That includes extra attention to detail, our unique talents in the kitchen, a loyal and dedicated staff, our ability to successfully differentiate our services from the competition, our strategy to target a specific need, and our decision to focus on customers who want elegant, personal events tailored to their specifications.

In particular, what really sets us apart is our local setting, our personal service, and our dedication to customer satisfaction. People need an elegant gourmet catering service which can help celebrate their family events like reunions, anniversaries, marriage, Christenings, bar mitzvahs, funeral and wake dinners, and parties.

We are customer-focused, committed to solving all of your needs and doing everything we possibly can to keep you satisfied. Our highly personalized service and gourmet meals will keep Terrace Catering at the top of the list for all your events.

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