Edina Women’s Counseling

Edina Women’s Counseling

Michelin Hegland, Edina Counselor

7200 France Avenue South
Edina, MN 55435

(612) 227-7622

I offer therapy, counseling and life coaching for people wanting happy, successful, fulfilling lives. Clients may have symptoms of depression; anxiety; addictions; codependency; perfectionism; relationship issues; transitions like breakups, job changes, bankruptcy; Adult Children of Alcoholics; quarter-life or mid-life crises; feel lost or stuck in a rut, job, or relationship.

I combine effective, perspective-shifting therapy interventions with energizing, action-oriented coaching techniques to help clients create positive change.

From working with me, you can better understand what makes you tick; worry less about what others think; say no and feel good about it; find and enjoy more stable relationships; reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, codependency or other “problem.”

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