Amanda Jamison

956 Warner Avenue North
Saint Paul, MN 55115

(651) 260-2553

Eventus specializes in creative facilitation, sponsorship and festival and event marketing management.

Creative facilitation
Are you looking for new ideas but you just can’t come up with them yourself? Creative facilitation is a great first step in moving your company forward again. Creative facilitation incorporates your main focus in a fun and interactive way. Facilitations can be done in two ways, one-on-one with an Eventus staff member or by Eventus coordinating a group of people to reach the right outcome. The goal of creative facilitation is to create new ways to increase sales, obtain sponsorships, maximize attendance or to incorporate new attractions into your business or event.

Having trouble figuring out what you can offer sponsors at your event? Let an Eventus team member assist you. Your Eventus team member will meet with you one-on-one to evaluate the “sellable” units your have at your event. Your team member can also help you create a concise sponsorship package and if you need help selling, we’re here to assist.

Festival and Event Management:
Hire Eventus for all your festival and event marketing management needs. An Eventus team member will help you with any or all steps of planning your big event. From pre-planning to day-of, we have the right tools to help you succeed. Our team members will also document their planning process. After your event they will meet with you one-on-one to conduct a post evaluation.

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