Buddy’s Bar-b-q and Catering

Buddy’s Bar-b-q and Catering

Jay Davis

5806 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

(865) 588-0051

Most people do not realize that Buddy’s Bar-b-q is not just great Bar-b-q and fixings; we also cater great Mexican food like our mini-enchiladas and our Taco / Salsa Bar! When we cater Italian food like Chicken Alfredo and Lasagna with garlic bread people always leave happy and satisfied.

Our professionally staffed Carving Stations feature your client’s choice of Filet Mignon, Virginia Baked Ham, Turkey and Pork Tenderloin. If getting back to your southern roots is up your client’s alley, we can also whip up some mean fried chicken, catfish and our twice baked potatoes are to just die for!

Buddy’s reputation was built on catering back in the 70’s when Buddy would take his special barbecue to political rallies in his old VW van. Before long, he was serving the world, at the World’s Fair, and the word got around fast. The Smithsonian Institution even chose Buddy’s to showcase barbecue at the Folk Life Festival in Washington, DC. In addition to many awards for barbecue, Buddy’s has also been honored with awards for its outstanding, reliable catering.

Buddy’s caters to more than 100,000 satisfied customers each year, and they keep coming back for more. It may have started with an old VW van, but now Buddy’s has a fleet of refrigerated trucks to insure food quality and safety. They can even bring the barbecue pit to your location so you have that authentic barbecue aroma at your event.

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