Carmen’s Babycakes

Carmen’s Babycakes


1540 Keller Pkwy.
Keller, TX 76248

(214) 649-2688

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting. I’m Carmen, and baking is my passion. From the time I could sit on the counter and hold a spoon in my hand, I have been playing in the kitchen. I grew up in Texas, where my Mom encouraged me to experiment, and create, and have fun. Boy was she on to something! The kitchen is the happiest, warmest room in my house.

Over the years, I have enjoyed my studies of theatre and dance, and a lengthy career as an investigator, but I have to tell you…nothing beats playing in the kitchen with someone you love or making a batch of something fabulous to share with others. I invite you to come in, sit down, and welcome a little Babycake into your life. From my buttery liqueur cakes to my spicy savory biscuits, I make everything with an enormous amount of love and pride.

I followed my passion and found my bliss. Now, find your bliss…one bite at a time!

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