Stephanie’s Bakery

Stephanie’s Bakery

Stephanie Welty

Fenton, MO 63026

(636) 575-5932

Below is a list of some of the more popular cakes, icings, and fillings. However, if you have a favorite fruit, or candy we can come up with all kinds of options for you to choose from.

Cake flavors include: chocolate, vanilla, white, butter, strawberry, banana, lemon, spice, marble, swirl, amaretto, Italian cream, banana, raspberry, orange, red velvet, almond, pineapple, diabetic yellow, diabetic pumpkin, and many more.

Dessert cakes include: chocolate turtle cake (view photos under other cakes), chocolate covered strawberry cake, carrot cake, Italian cream, amaretto chocolate swirl, cheesecakes, angelfood with cream & blackberries, spiced angelfood with carmel apples, and ice cream.

Fillings include: raspberry, strawberry, strawberry whip, strawberry rhubarb, banana cream, lemon, blueberry, pineapple whip, mocha, peach, apricot, chocolate, chocolate mousse, fudge, and cookies & cream.

Icings include: whipped, sugar, buttercream, chocolate buttercream glaze, fudge, lemon, cream cheese, fondant, and diabetic.

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