Holy Cow Catering

Holy Cow Catering

Katherine Lavine

Eugene, OR 97403


(541) 345-3639


People who hire our services seem to care most of all about the quality of the food we serve. We use organically grown ingredients, which are healthier, tastier, and come from farmers who use sustainable agricultural methods.

We have a network of local organic farmers that we buy from directly, so we have a preference for seasonal produce, as well.

Impossible to describe, and unforgettable, our fresh out-of-the-fields farmer’s market bounty is often the visual centerpiece of the event. Our most striking summer and fall displays are our salad bar spreads, and our cornucopia of fresh local, organic fruits.

Vegan and vegetarian menus are our specialty, and our seafood entrees are all created from the safest, freshest sources. Having lived and cooked all over the world, our team of cooks is able to excite even the most jaded of palates.

With a restaurant located at the University of Oregon, an additional production kitchen, and outdoor events equipment, we are able to cater a range of events from personalized dinner entrees to large banquets or conferences, and everything in between!

We can offer you a full line of services including event coordination and rentals coordination, as well as affordable options and creative ideas to enhance your event.

Those on restricted diets or who desire a special theme or cuisine (or favorite family recipe) will be delighted to know that we can cater to almost every whim.

Each menu is individually customized to the particular event according to the event, the venue, the season, and your budget. Every Holy Cow catered event is not only bursting with the flavor of fresh food and exciting recipes, but also aesthetically reflects your style, to create a special event that is uniquely you.

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