Cafe Evoke Catering

Cafe Evoke Catering

Jason Duncan

1708 NW 16th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

(405) 606-2200

We are enthusiasts. Passionate about a few things: coffee, community and progression. Simple. We take pride in every drink we make and every smile and “thank you” we receive in return.

Coffee is a relational thing and we like talking in person. We’d love the chance to sit down with you (over coffee of course) and talk about your upcoming event so that we can create the perfect menu.

Here is a quick look at our base options for your upcoming event:

Deluxe Specialty Coffee Bar:
This option includes everything: 16 gourmet flavorings, regular and decaf espresso, 3 milk choices, french pressed single origin coffee, seasonally available loose leaf tea, chai lattes, italian soda and more.

Traditional Espresso Bar:
For those interested in a traditional look at espresso based drinks, this is for you! This option comes with regular espresso, 3 gourmet flavorings, whole and skim milk and french pressed coffee.

Pour Over Bar:
This is one of our favorites. This bar gives you a chance to feature several different coffees from around the world. We brew every coffee to order for your guests using our Hario v60 pour over station.

Cold Brew Bar:
This is the real cold brew: a 12 hour coffee brewing process that makes the coffee shine in the summer. With a bit of simple syrup and a dash of whole milk, this drink rocks it. This bar also comes with hand shaken fruit lemonades and iced tea.

Additional Add-Ons:
Signature Drink Creation (a must for your event!), Glass or Ceramic Cup Rentals, Sipping Chocolate, Additional Espresso Features, Coffee Education Classes, Alternative Brewing Method Options

Please give us a call or email with your questions. We will hash out all the details about the above coffee and espresso bars we have available. Information kits are also available so let us know if that would help!

Sweet. Sip away and we look forward to drinking with you soon!

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