Catering by Wal- Tams

Catering by Wal- Tams

Wally Goralczyk

4797 Turney Rd
Garfield, OH 44125

(216) 429-1956

Our catering combines flair & innovation, blended with efficiency and organization for all of your functions and events. Always working within your budget, you will get delicious food for very reasonable prices. Our staff combines the perfect blend of experience & creativity to make your special occasion a memorable success.

On top of all that, we provide service that is second to none. Whether a wedding, anniversary or a corporate party that involves a four- course, sit- down dinner for hundreds of people, Catering by Wal- Tams can handle it all.

With our help, you can clinch that vital sales contract, or finally get to dance with that long- lost relative at the family reunion, secure in the knowledge that all of the culinary details of your important occasion will be meticulously tended to.

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