Cuban Master Cigar Roller Cesar Ramirez

Cuban Master Cigar Roller Cesar Ramirez

3863 S Valley View Blvd Suite #36
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(800) 777-7777

You will witness the entire cigar rolling process from start to finish. To top off this unique presentation, Cesar’s final product is an inspiring blend of Cuban seed, Dominican grown, long leaf filler, molded into various ring gauges and lengths of your choice.

Cesar’s wonderful smokes taste like what they should – tobacco. There are some fruit and leather notes to the smoke, and the cigar produces fragrant clouds of thick white that are reminiscent of fall in the northeast with the smells of pumpkin spice, cherry and other stone fruit.

The taste of the cigar has hints of citrus, leather and chocolate but the leaf dominates the taste. These are not weak cigars that try to hide the flavor of the tobacco behind other tastes, instead the cigars let the leaf shine through and allow you to enjoy the taste of the tobacco.

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