Chindian Catering

Chindian Catering

Nina Wong

1500 East Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 676-1818

Welcome to the Chindian Cafe, where a delightful fusion of Chinese and Indian cooking traditions satisfies everyone’s need for a hearty eating experience. Inspired by their marriage, Chef Nina Wong and her husband, Thomas Gnanapragasam, have chosen to reinvent their café with a taste that celebrates the Chinese and Indian heritages that each of them brings to the proverbial plate.

The menu is a blend of Nina’s experience as a culinary chef, her 18- year- long involvement at the Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, Thomas passion and commitment to Indian flavors, and each partner’s love for American classics.

Because of this unique concoction, Chindian Café’s offering of entrées reflects a taste that has no borders, generating a refreshing mix of Asian favorites with American comfort foods. At the heart of the Chindian Cafe is a commitment to great tasting food, ensuring a meal or snack that even the most picky palate can enjoy!

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