Cook In The Kitchen

Cook In The Kitchen

Maureen Brandt

1240 Amundson Ct.
Stillwater, MN 55082

(763) 218-9583

Re-think dinner. Whether it’s a catered event or at our own dining table, we’ve all had sub-par dinners. Unfortunately we’ve quietly accepted the mediocre meal as a fact of life. We secretly believe that eating quality food is a “treat” to be had only once or twice a year.

The truth is you deserve better.
Cook In The Kitchen is a personal chef and catering company that prepares delicious fine-dining quality meals in your home or for your events. All meals are made from scratch: planned, prepared, and delivered with care.

At Cook In The Kitchen, we believe that eating should not be routine, but a reward that nourishes your well being. Ready to eat?

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