Dinner is the Evening

Dinner is the Evening

Jill Mackey

1709 Western Ave.
Faribault, MN 55021

(651) 329-0502
(612) 636-3617

Bringing people into your home is an intimate affair. Entertaining your guests should reflect the best of you and your home; every detail is important.

The partners, Jill Mackey and Jennifer Kinney, have been together for over thirty years; they are mother and daughter. This Minnesota catering company was born from the love of ‘all that is culinary’ and the joy of creating the ‘perfect party’; genes shared by this pair.

Although they have been honing their cooking and entertaining skills all their lives, the company, Dinner is the Evening, didn’t blossom until 2006. The decision was made, at long last, to make their passion their business.

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