38 Cameron

38 Cameron

Barbara Waldorf

38 Cameron Ave. Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02140

(617) 492-2848

38 Cameron is not just a focused and quiet facility off the beaten hotel path. We’re an inspired environment, one that will pull the best out of you and your audience. Could this context raise the level of engagement in your next workshop or seminar? Could it help you effect real, positive, creative change?

What are you trying to create for your reception or social event? The plan and design of a venue is important, but you’re probably thinking about what the event will “feel” like. What will it be like when people arrive, when they are together, when they say good-bye? What do you want people to remember about the event? The impression you make on your guests by the venue that you choose will influence their whole experience.

As a versatile gallery space designed to be pleasing to the eye and put people at ease, 38 Cameron is a great place to host a social event, but we’re much more than just a beautiful gallery. We’re a multidimensional conversation, hosting international cutting edge thinkers and activists who inspire us to embrace new paradigms, new values, new thinking, calling for higher, creative action to build a brighter future.

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