Abracadabra Multimedia

Abracadabra Multimedia

Brendan McEachern

15 Maple St.
Danvers, MA 01923

(978) 774-4547

Abracadabra Multimedia specializes in videotaping weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, special events and functions and transferring the product onto DVD and VHS. Photos alone will not capture all the magic and moments that will form the memories of your event, but having them videotaped will help make future trips down memory lane more vivid.

The final product that I deliver is unlike any other in the videography business. Companies that offer a wedding DVD simply put the wedding video onto a DVD. This defeats the whole point of DVDs, which were meant to serve 2 purposes: add extra bonus features, and eliminate the searching for “the good parts”. If you do not include chapter selections and extra features, then the only difference from a VHS to a DVD is you don’t have to rewind. If that’s the only difference, it’s not worth the extra expense. When you get your DVD, you can immediately access certain moments in the event, without fast forwarding.

I also offer special features such as a highlight selection; instead of asking your friends to sit through the entire 2- hour video, they can watch a 20- minute recap of the day’s events.

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