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Event Coordination and Planning

Direct Your Own EVENT! Save Time and Money.

EventBiz, the premier planning and coordinating expert for persons or organizations that want to retain control of their own show. The goal is to provide you with all the resources and insider facts to stage a professional event.

Have you ever been to an event so disorganized it was difficult to have fun?

Have you ever asked event personnel questions they could not answer?

Was parking a nightmare?

Force-majeure clause: What is it and how does it affect your event?

What are the most efficient ways to interface with vendors?

As President of EventBiz, Share is an expert at assisting people and organizations in planning celebrations and events in a cost effective manner. If you would like to learn more about turning ordinary gatherings into parties or events that are talked about, in a positive way for many years, contact her a
Know how to ride your event in style instead of it riding you…..

Share Carr, author of such articles as:

10 Insider Tips for a Successful Event

Make a Force-majeure (Cancellation Clause) work for you

Parking Management – Open Lots as well as Garages

Shuttle Services

Security Personnel Issues

Code Enforcement

Watching Out for Dubious Phrases

*Build Your EVENT in Pyramid Layers

*Simple Ways To Document All Agreements

*Create Your Own Production Manual

Plus many more articles

EventBiz is your essential Information Resource provider for anything pertaining to celebrations and events.

Personal Celebrations, Formal Affairs, Fund Raising,

Business Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows

All EVENTS small to major!

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