Boogie Bodies Party Entertainment

Boogie Bodies Party Entertainment

1101 SuperMall Way
Auburn, WA 98001

(253) 709-2073

Boogie Bodies Party Entertainment Provides
a Fun Party Service for Corporate Events, Event Parties, corporate event planners that turns Anyone into a Star of their own Music Video or Photo to Take Home or Give as a Gift

Keep the kids & family highly entertained with this fun party entertainment. Adults & Kids compare this amusement to a carnival ride as they watch themselves laughing live on HDTV.

How it Works:

Boogie Bodies super imposes your dancing head onto an animated dancing body with no Singing or talent required… Just Lip Sync &/or dance your head.

Choose from over 99 hit songs such as “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A lot, “My Humps” or “Fergalicious” by Black-Eyed Peas, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper etc.

Boogie Bodies can also swap your face, head or body with anybody onto virtually any photo or background.

Then if you want, cartoonize yourself! You’ll watch this live on HDTV while Fantasy Fotos magically transforms you into anyplace, anybody or any picture.

Fantasy Fotos is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Birthdays, Mothers Day & Fathers Day! There’s Nothing else like this anywhere!

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