ABI Photography

ABI Photography

Dennis Way

2574 Greyling Dr
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 279-3337

We are actively involved with professional photography schools and associations. We now have a photo booth that can capture up to 12 people at the same time and make prints in less that 1 minute. Booth images can be shown on large monitors or projected on walls and / or uploaded to website … NOW.

We are using the newest digital equipment. Dennis is on the leading edge when it comes to digital imaging. Bride & Groom can see their photos within 48 hours; guests are able to view all photos online 3 hours after B & G.

Dennis was chosen to photograph a wedding at the Hotel Del Coronado for lifetime Television’s “Weddings of a Lifetime.” We are recommended by several of the major hotels.

As of the last few years he has been teaching his staff to shoot simultaneously doing the WPJ or what many refer to as Wedding – Photo – Journalism which is very popular among today’s brides. This is the candid hands-off style of photography which can reveal some great candid moments as well as the primary photographer doing the more traditional photography. Many brides have been extremely pleased with the easygoing style of Dennis’ style of photography. Dennis has personally photographed over 1300 weddings.

P.P.S.D.C -P.P.A.- W.P.P.I.
Le Tip International
N.A.C.E. & M.P.I.

Dennis was awarded the prestigious NACE Affiliate Member of the Year for 2000 and 2008.

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