Chris Volpe Photography

Chris Volpe Photography

19 Marvel Rd
New Haven, CT 06515

(203) 314-1637

Chris Volpe is an artist, an award winning photojournalist and documentary photographer with the skills to capture every unique moment of your wedding. His work has been honored by the National Press Photographers Association, the New England Newspaper Editors Association and the Associated Press.

He photographs everything during your wedding from the first decorations to the last tired dancers, usually taking over a thousand pictures. But the true story of any wedding requires more than just a chronological string of pictures. Chris has been telling stories with photographs for 20 years. He knows how to find and make images that will work together to create a singular and personal photographic narrative.

As a photojournalist, Chris has been privileged to share in the dramatic and intimate experiences of many different people all over the world and his wedding photography is a natural extension of this lifelong work. His sensitivity and experience allow him to work both closely and unobtrusively with you and your family over the course of your wedding.

It takes a rare combination of skill and talent to be a good wedding photographer and Chris Volpe is an exceptional wedding photographer. His pictures will reveal the essence and tell the special story of your wedding day.

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