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Angie Photography

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Capturing the expressions of joy and soulfulness in the eyes of others is the source of my passion for photography. I grew up in Thailand, surrounded by much natural beauty and the rich art of Thai artisans, both ancient and contemporary.

I am attending a photography class at The Art Institute of Atlanta, the place that I developed my skill and post process to achieve professional quality.

Friends call me Andy, and view me as a guy who loves to be charitable with my time and helpful nature. My pride flourishes every time people smile when they look at my work. I feel really great whenever I get to contribute my time and use of my skill or knowledge for charity and community activities.

Loyalty, Honesty, Responsibility, and Unity are key in my life’s philosophy. My friendships are one of the most important things in my life.

I would love to work with those people who are creative and passionate about photography. If you are an aspiring model, actor, or just someone who needs a great photo taken, please feel free to contact me.

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