Imagine The View Photography

Imagine The View Photography

John Keesing

P. O. Box 15746
Santa Fe, NM 87592

(505) 231-4791

I have a 35′ to 70′ telescoping mast, with a high resolution digital “still” camera atop. It goes up and is completely controllable from the ground. I generally raise the mast to 3 or 4 various heights, change the angle as needed to capture your property at its most appealing and beneficial view. I shoot 12 to 25 shots (move to secondary location on property, if appropriate, and shoot 12 or so more shots at different elevations). You then receive a CD with 7 to 20 of the best shots in 8.2 mega- pixel jpg format that are ideal for either print or website publication! This is the package for $250. Additional editing and/ or print manipulation is available at additional cost.

Please visit my website. This will give you a better idea and understanding, be sure to look at the various examples! Most all of the shots on the website were shot at 35′ or less! Look forward to hearing from you. -John

ITV Photography is a Santa Fe owned and operated enterprise that was created in order to provide northern New Mexico with a unique perspective for any entity desiring a new and exciting venue to show their building or property. We provide breathtaking pictures of residential, commercial, agricultural, and rental properties. Portrayals of architectural details and surrounding natural features are greatly enhanced by elevated photography. Settings which are missed by traditional photography, such as lovely mountain views, water interests, outbuildings, equestrian facilities, and pools, can be clearly and dramatically depicted by using elevating techniques.

ITV generates more excitement through enticing imagery. Don’t just say, “location, location, location.” Show it with just one beautiful photograph!

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