BWJ Photo Insights

BWJ Photo Insights

Barry Justice

420 Pine Street
Rogue River, OR 97537

(541) 441-8595
(541) 299-0061

BWJ Photo Insights offers a “High-End Quality Photography Service” for your dream wedding. This only means that the resolution and quality of your pictures will be clear & beautiful not out of sight for costs. I have many packages available, depending on your needs. We can discuss this at your consultation.

I am very candid with taking pictures so that those attending and you & your husband, can enjoy your moments, without interruption, yet the quality of pictures and beauties large and small will be shown in the final pictures that I have made for you both and your families. Treasured memories for years to come

My gift to you is a 5×7 book with candid and beautiful moments that you both will love & share.

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