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Image Pictures

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If you’re looking for a wedding video that captures the beauty and elegance of your day then Image Pictures is the choice for you.

Memory videos are a great added feature to any wedding. Get together photos from both the bride and groom of there childhood to the present and mix them together with their favorite music and you will have a video keepsake to cherish for life.

Image Pictures doesn’t just make a slide show of your pictures we carefully transform your still images into moving memories that will surpass all expectations.

Promotional Video: Videos made to help promote a business, new product or service. This type of production can be shown on TV as an infomercial, video for the web, or a looped video played on an end cap in a retail store; also known as video kiosks.

Vision Casting Videos: A vision casting video is a powerful tool to help clearly share a company or organizations vision for future growth, capital or fund raising, building project, or any kind of idea that would be too hard to explain otherwise.

Demonstration Videos: Companies with a new process or procedure that would like to showcase the demonstration to customers or management.

Training Videos: If your company has hundreds of employees or just two, training is important for a profitable work flow. Many times hiring a HR manager can be costly and finding a person with the knowledge to train your employees on everything your company does is next to impossible.

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