The Healing Way

The Healing Way

26 Cummins Highway
RoslindaleMA 02131

(617) 469-8288 

Kim Ecevido of The Healing Way in Roslindale, MA – offers natural Reiki energy healing treatments to the Boston area and beyond. As a Reiki Master Practitioner, Kim has years of experience in helping to heal people spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Reiki, the practice of transferring healing energy, has proven to be an effective form of treatment for physical and emotional pain. This alternative oriental form of physical therapy can help to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, and provide relief to the anger, grief and anxiety millions of people suffer from everyday. The clientele of this ancient practice includes pregnant women, the elderly, children experiencing adolescent anxieties, beloved pets suffering from pain, and many more. 

Have a hectic life? Kim Ecevido can help restore balance to your mind and body. Healing sessions at The Healing Way are a peaceful and relaxing experience, offering stress and pain relief while promoting one’s overall wellbeing. Sessions are both private and confidential, allowing you to relax fully and enjoy the benefits of a professional reiki healing session. Reiki is the perfect gift for a loved one who could benefit from its many forms of holistic healing. For those already undergoing physical therapy, Reiki is an excellent complimentary therapy, lubricating the healing process which can be exhausting to your body’s energy. Treatments are tailored to each client, and can include Craniasacral Therapy, Matrix Energenics, and Zensight. If you are seeking a relaxing and tranquil healing experience, schedule an appointment with Kim Ecevido today. Come experience what was once referred to as the ‘secret art of inviting happiness.’

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