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Changing the rules

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields became best friends during their dermatology residency at Stanford University School of Medicine. There, they heard a compelling message from their mentor, the director of the dermatology department: Find your purpose and make a difference or be confined to a practice that’s ordinary. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields interpreted this message as an imperative: Go forth and change the rules. And skin care has never been the same since then. 

With a passion for solving the skin concerns that affect most people at some point in their lives, the doctors developed a comprehensive regimen-based treatment for mild to moderate acne that could be sold without a prescription. And with the boldness to step out of the clinic and onto the television set, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created an unprecedented success in the skincare industry. 

They’re doing it again.

In their on-going medical practices, Doctors Rodan and Fields see that there are so many more common skin care needs beyond acne. And outside of their practices, they can see that most people never access a dermatologist for some of the most common skin conditions of all. This compelled the doctors to address the continuing need to help people get real care for a range of skin care needs through their regimen-based approach to skincare.

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