Jamberry Nail Shields

Jamberry Nail Shields

Amy Smith

375 Palmetto Drive
PalmerPA 18045

(610) 217-9362

This new nail treatment can be applied in just 15 minutes. With over 70 styles available, these designer nail shields are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t chip or stain the nail, and require no drying time. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a watertight bond to your nail. The film is finished with a high gloss protective layer that prevents your nail shield from chipping or scuffing. 

They are perfect for wedding and bridal parties who want fancy designs in a fraction of the time.

Each sheet of shields provides enough material to cover two – three sets of hands or feet. These are nothing like the Sally Hansen or other products that are out on the market that are made from nail polish. These are film covers that are applied through heat that help make them so durable! After putting these on, I can’t imagine ever going back to regular nail polish! 

Please call to see a video of how they work and the application process, to order, or if you have any questions.

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