Secret 2 Shape

Secret 2 Shape


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Are you getting close to your big day and still haven’t lose the few inches that you said you were?

Do you want that coca cola bottle figure in your wedding gown, no matter what size you are?

Well the answer is Body Fashion!


I am an October Bride and there is a product called the Body Fashion , it is a strapless reshaping garment made of a sturdy lightweight fabric with a layer of lace in the front to give that feminine appearance that we all want on our wedding day. It works, and will give you a sensational figure for your big day. 

This fabulous garment comes in beige, perfect for camoflauge under a white or ivory dress. This garment will:
– Thin your hips
– Lift and hold your stomach in position
– Firm and control your abdomen
– Very comfortable to wear and breathable
– Give you fabulous curves on your wedding day
– Leave no rolls in the back

It is such a great product that I decided to sell this product and tell other upcoming brides that just in case you are too busy planning the wedding and time is getting away from you, that you have options. I have only been wearing it for 3 weeks and my co-workers have already begun to see a change in my figure.

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