Paper Moxie

Paper Moxie

Sheryl Bracken

924 1/2 First Street, Suite D
SnohomishWA 98290

(360) 348-1490

Letters have become the lost art. As we embrace technology and conveniences designed to ease our busy schedules, the simple joy of correspondence is reduced to emails and evites, text messages and post scripts.

Therefore, the time taken to send something unique that captures the personality, spirit or mood of the sender and occasion holds greater importance to those special in our lives.

At Paper Moxie, our first love is creativity and we strive to make each endeavor a work of art and a reflection of both the sender and the special event it announces by using unusual materials and interpretations to create designs without boundaries.

Our designs add strength and sincerity to a message, perhaps an element of surprise, and above all, create something that delights in being unique and detailed by hand.

It is not uncommon to follow life’s chain of events with our clients ~ from a wedding to the arrival of first baby to a child’s birthday and beyond ~ and we find our connection to this continuum to be as satisfying as the designs they inspire.

We hope you enjoy our designs and find them memorable, personable, and most of all, inviting!

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