Domont Studio Gallery

Domont Studio Gallery

Lynsey Gregg

545 South East Street
IndianapolisIN 46225

(317) 685-9634 

Over the past 7 years we have hosted events for some of the cities premier non-profit organizations, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and corporate race parties.

With our elegant gallery area, the interesting working space of the studio and the relaxed atmosphere of the garden area, the Domont Studio Gallery is truly a unique and soulful location for significant entertainment events.

We have 3 rental prices for the facility. Our fee for the gallery alone is $1500. The space size is approximately 20×42. When the studio is added the price is $2000. We charge $2500 for the entire downstairs facility plus the garden (the garden area can house a tent of 40×80). Our maximum capacity would be 200 people.

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