Chateau Selah

Chateau Selah

Suzanne Bawgus

525 Gottland Shoals Road
Blountville, TN 37617

(423) 323-3157

Weddings are such amazing events that bring family and friends together to celebrate with you and your future spouse, the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship. Chateau Selah wants to congratulate you on your engagement! When you choose to indulge in your wildest dreams and select Chateau Selah as your wedding venue, you’re getting the simplicity of having everything in one place. Having it all at one location eliminates excessive traveling, costly additional decorations, inconsistent themes, and most importantly, avoidable stress.

With our two charming bedrooms and luxurious master suite, there is enough room for everyone in the wedding party to get ready comfortably. Each room has a full bathroom and adequate outlets. The staircase that leads to the master suite ensures that the bride will be tucked away in case the groom tries to get a “sneak peak.”

The scenic mountain backdrop behind the house is perfect to set the tone for a romantic setting with the assurance that your ceremony will be nothing less than breathtaking!

With our state of the art facility, we offer a fully furnished kitchen which will make the reception following the ceremony a breeze. There are three bars strategically placed throughout the house along with an abundance of space on the premises for friends and family to mingle.

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