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Flower & Flour

Bryan Williams

718 N. Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

(910) 458-8557

Whether a single sugar cookie, a dozen decadent cupcakes or a trio of couture wedding cakes, we take a fresh, engaging, and unconventional approach to design.

We believe wedding cakes are the most important element of any wedding reception, historically referred to as the “climax” of the festivities. Our singular goal is to create an original design, reflective of your personal style, which fits perfectly into your special day. Once completed, your wedding cake commands center stage, the piece de résistance of your celebration.

Our approach to custom cookies is the same as our approach to wedding cakes: we gather important details from you that generate ideas, leading to a perfect design. Originality is as important as taste, so together, we create a cookie that is both memorable in appearance as well as flavor.

At Flower & Flour, we have a love affair with delicious, well made, and perfectly frosted cupcakes. Our recipes draw inspiration from traditional flavors and are baked to guarantee moistness and sensational taste. The addition of mouthwatering buttercreams and custom décor produce the perfect sweet treat for your celebration.

Decadent, coveted, and truly unique, Parisian macaroons (les macarons) are considered by many to be the crown jewel of the confectionary world. From their thin, crisp shell, to their delicate center and luscious filling, Flower & Flour macarons prove to be unparalleled in flavor and texture.

“Petite Sweets” is a collection of visually tempting, palette pleasing confections which provides an alternative to traditional plated desserts. Each of our mini desserts stands out as an unexpected combination of flavors, designed for easy pick up and utmost enjoyment.

Customized to complement the design of your celebration, a “Petite Sweets” display adds an additional level of excitement, with an artful presentation of impressive desserts.

We offer consultations and tastings by appointment.

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