Your Island Concierge

Your Island Concierge

Lynne Souza

P.O. Box 720
Portsmouth, RI 02871

(401) 682-1110

Your Island Concierge is a highly professional business designed to provide busy people assistance managing their daily personal and professional tasks, or their “to do” lists.

Imagine Your Island Concierge as having a personal assistant or having a personal concierge always within reach often found only in a luxury hotel or at a 5-star resort. One no longer needs to be a guest at one of these establishments; Your Island Concierge is extending and introducing the concierge services into the private, corporate, and commercial sectors.

Your Island Concierge will arrange or facilitate any request as long as it is legal and ethical. Requests are limited to the client’s imagination and dependent on his or her own needs. Requests are performed mainly through Your Island Concierge’s trusted key partners and other request may be performed directly through Your Island Concierge.

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