Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden

Sue Nairn Smith

PO Box 1605
Morristown, NJ 07962

(973) 898-7200

Couture floral / botanical styling and event decor with a modern sense of color, romance, intimacy, and earthiness. This specialty design shop transforms spaces and tabletops that leaves clients writing,

“When I saw the room for the first time, it took my breath away” (Amy & Scott, 9/23/03)

“Your floral arrangements and, more importantly, your terrific eye for detail really made the difference between a lovely place appear beautilful and making it appear breath-takingly regal and fairy-talisa.” (Vanessa & Rafa, 10/7/01)

“…we know it took a great deal of work and coordination … to create such a breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere. I never thought that room could be described as cozy and intimate, yet you made it so!” (Danielle & Greg, 10/11/03)

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