Urban Plantscapes

Urban Plantscapes

Evan Santi

409 Washington Street #373
Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 222-0111
(866) 454-4769

Our trained horticultural technicians’ attention to detail ensures your plants are vibrant and healthy. We offer tropical plant care and maintenance for new and existing plants which will enhance the beauty of your environment. Our plant rotations are well maintained, inviting and consistently feature beautiful color.

All plants within your facility are manicured, detailed, and receive plant care by our horticulturists. Guaranteed maintenance assures you that your plants will always look pristine.

A large portion of used plant material is brought to our all natural compost pile in Upstate New York. Over time the compost is then organically broken down and turned into rich soil. This fertile soil is than incorporated into your landscapes. At Urban Plantscapes we feel it is our responsibility as a horticultural and landscaping company to give back to the environment.

At Urban Plantscapes, Inc. we promise to stay on the cutting edge of design and new plant varieties, consistently giving you the look of a fresh, manicured and well thought- out landscape. Come and experience the Urban Plantscape difference!

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