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Ian Lozada Photography

Ian Lozada

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I didn’t always shoot weddings, very few photographers start off with them. I started shooting sports originally, cutting my teeth on high school and college football, thoroughbred horse racing, a lot of instant reactions that you only got one shot at, what Henri Cartier-Bresson called “the decisive moment.” At the same time, I padded that with a little news, some event photography, and of course, my newborn daughter.

A friend who had seen a lot of my work asked me to shoot his wedding, and it took just that one wedding to fall head over heels in love with it. I rearranged my entire business overnight to shoot weddings primarily. I still have that love of the decisive moment, but now it’s tied into the relationships between people.

I call my style Love Unscripted… simply put, if you go out on your wedding day and enjoy being with your friends, your family, and especially each other, you’ll give me all the material I need. At the same time, I do shoot all the formals and portraiture, but I’m equally comfortable working with people who need a little coaching as with people who naturally do the things that the camera loves.

Over the years, the one constant is that I’m still emotionally invested in your day- I still tear up during father-daughter dances, and now that Kristina and I have added boy/girl twins in 2008, I do it during mother-son dances too, now. I shoot with my heart first, while trying to use the technical aspects of the camera and of lighting to bring out the drama that is already inherent to the day.

I’d love to sit down with you and share more of my work and my passion for weddings with you. Give me a call at to set up a meeting.


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